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when a woman is always looking for the "one". she will spend her entire life looking for that guy, and never find him. she expects all the goods and will lose out in alot of good relasionships because her expectations are too high. she will test, and tease in order to find
a woman with prince charming complex will meet a man, and date him for awhile, assesing his strengths and weaknesses, teasing him to test his limits, then if he makes one mistake, she will isolate herself from him, and go on, looking for mister right
by linalamour November 04, 2007
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an explanation to why nice guy's finish last. a man with prince charming complex wants to woo the woman he's trying to court by showering her with excess love, attention, and gifts because he believes she will love this type of affection. sometimes it's effective but it mostly ends in heartbreak.
Len: So what did Jeanette say?

Anthony: When I told her I wanted to go out with her, I said I'd like to take her to the beach and later cook her dinner and drink some wine.

Len: That was too much bro, that type of thing scares chicks. You gotta get over your Prince Charming Complex.
by Chris Norton May 27, 2009
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