The act of engaging in very arousing sexual activity, solely for the pleasure of the male involved. It is customary that after the f-in' and s-in' occurs, that the male tells that bitch to get the fuck outta town.

Literal definition: Fucking and Sucking
This bitch better stop talking and gimme some primetime f-in' and s-in' and pack her fuckin' bags and get the hell outta town
by Shortytuz November 23, 2004
The time when you get horny every night
Me: This dude asked me what time we would do it.

Friend: What you say?
Me: At 11pm that's my Primetime horny time
by LilX69 October 9, 2021
its hell its a after school program its "fun"
dude i am not going to primetime B)
by April 26, 2019