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Another term for white trashor redneck. Generally, prickets are found in poor, rural areas that are riddled with trailer parks. They may have broken-down vehicles outside of their trailer as well as clotheslines in the front yard. They will have at least one bass boat (bought with their tax return check) and a 4-wheel drive. It is also possible that prickets have chickens pecking shit outside their doorstep too.
"My black roots are all grown out, but the hairdresser can't see me until next week. I guess I'll have to look like a pricket until then."

"You kids stop running down the street with no shoes on. You look like a couple of prickets!"

"I don't care if Britney Spears has millions of dollars...she still acts like a pricket."
by WPT April 21, 2008
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