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a frivolous turd who is one of nusance on the earth. also called penis. his unsavory outlook on life is pathetic. the scirrhus of mankind. bloodline tainted with homosexuality and microphallus. somtimes suffers from phrenitis that people like him. will never have copulation with a female.

turd, (turd) n. waste
penis, (pe-nis) n. the male organ of generation
scirrhus, (ski-rus) n. hard cancer
homosexuality, (homo-sex-u-al-it-t) adj, one likeing the same sex
microphallus, (micor-fal-us) v. abnormal smallness of the penis
phrenitis, (fren-i-tis) adj. delirium
betty sue is a pricher.
if u can goes into my garbage again im gonna make it a pricher
by shamika December 22, 2004
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