A girl you consider forever with who accentuates the pleats in your khakis with her smokin-hot body, usually found west of the Mississippi.
Person 1: good for you bro, where'd you meet that prettybird?
Person 2: I was riding off into the sunset when I saw her, I knew that offering to put money on the dresser was the right choice.
by theblackmustang91 May 13, 2015
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An amazing co owner and best friend of mine. She's hilarious, sweet, amazing and overall a great person to be friends with! I appreciate everything you done for me and how long you've been stuck with me :D

(If you don't know who this person is, then you won't get the joke down below)
Noodles: "Who's Katelyn Prettybird?"
Lin: The co owner and one of your friends, Noodles.
by themainlin October 8, 2020
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