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Pretending Perfection is an album written by West Virginia's one and only, Huey Mack. Huey Mack's Pretending Perfection has 12 songs on it, and is available on iTunes. Huey shows many different emotions in this song, as such as mentioning about how good things can happen if you be simple, and keep things straight. He made a whole entire song about his mom, and named it Charlotte, and how his mom supported his rapping career when he dropped out of school, and her single mom life when her husband Rick left her. He raps out about parting and how he has women always loving and partying with him. He made a song named "Real Me" and explains that just because he's a rapper, who has lovers and haters, he still lives a normal life with normal people. This album reached number 8 on billboard, a huge accomplishment. This is an album worth having. I respect Huey Mack more then you could imagine.
Huey Mack's new album, pretending perfection just released
by ldlamppa December 09, 2013
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