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a person of the gothic subculture that buys all of there clothes at high dollar stores( you know which one comes to mind) then basicly brags about it, they are the preps of the subculture and are more apt to be depressed over credit card statements then the fact that the world is ending slowly.
girl: check these out I got them at ( you know where) for only ninety bucks!

guy: I never realized that you were such a preppy goth...
by TEEG February 20, 2006
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A person that only becomes a Goth so they can look cool but really doesn't have a Goth mindset but instead they act like the stereotypical preppy and dress in black clothes and Goth make-up.
Everyone knows that girl is really a prep and she's being a poser but it really can't be proven that she's a poser and it's dumb to call people posers.
by Courtney-The-Goth May 31, 2005
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