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well im sorry to say it but true preps don't drive mustangs and wear abercrombie and fitch. You are obviously talking about public school posers. Its alright to call down a look or lifestyle because in America free speech is allowed but by all means if you hate something or someone at least be 100 percent clear of what exactly a prep is. I am by all means not a prep but I believe in being accurate. TRUE preps do not drive mustangs and wear abercrombie and fitch. There are enough definitions of what a prep really is on this website. I recommend you research the word and find its true meaning.
The guy that drives a vintage mercedes sporting a ralph lauren polo with jcrew khakis is prep. Preps are not flashy. If anything they try to hide that they come from money. Its like the saying goes: if you have to tell people you have money, you don't!

A preppie fag is derogitory word to describe a lifestyle and clothing of choice.
by jcarpent August 31, 2006
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People who defend preps while claiming not to be one. Also people who think vintage mercedez cars on a teenager doesnt give off an aura of "rich."
Person 1: "I'm not a prep, but I think preps are great! They don't show off their wealth, they just drive Mercedez cars and wear Lacoste clothes priced at 60 dollars per shirt. Preps are smart! Oh, i'm not a prep."
Person 2: "fucking preppie fag"
by lania April 15, 2007
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every prep who ever lived is one. wears: rainbows, sperrys, polo shirts of any type including cherokee, ralph lauren, etc., gay looking trucker hat, new balance shoes with "n" (often multiple pairs), khaki pants, pants with rainbows (bad call), abercrombie shirts with aweful attempst at sexual innuendo. listens to: anything top 40, from any genre, always says they enjoy all music when in truth if you played anything remotely hard core there ears would bleed. (melvins, celtic frost, some nirvana even).
me: lets go drag some preppie fags behind our car then burn down there mustangs and hang them by there own god damned collars.
my friends: how much money is involved?
by rilesworth July 24, 2006
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