someone who is stuck up and snotty, wears a lot of pink stuff, and is popular, which most ppl hate.
Rachel: haha is she really wearing those shoes? Me: Your to Preppy D:
by LindsayLinnFaith:) August 26, 2009
a lululemon wearing, drunk elephant using, broke gurl!
that lululemon skirt is sooo preppy!!
by urmom1236 September 15, 2022
a lululemon wearing chick fil a eating girlie pop that loves shopping and spending money at places like Kendra Scott, roller rabbit, lululemon, Nike, etc
Omg, she sooo preppy
by urmom1236 November 4, 2022
People who spoiled rich kids who think they are entitled to everything, they don,t have to work for anything themselves and think there parents should by them everyrthing
Abbey, Cassy, and Emily are all preppy kids in spanish class.
by Awards22 April 23, 2018
When something or someone, resembles the quality of most preppy people. Acts like the common preppy stereotype, is so preppy you can't take it, acts like barbie, or is just a plain old jerk.
People who speak like this: OH MY GAWD, or OMG, etc, etc. People who dress completely in Hollister and Aeropostale to a point where they have no souls.

How to use:
I can't stand Natalie, she is so infectiously preppy.
by TheRavenKing May 23, 2009