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Right before a TV show goes to commercial,
1a. the short "teaser" that attempts to entice you to continue to watch the show, or b. recaps what went on during that portion of the show
2. Needless filler for shows lacking content (see also: postmercial)
What's the point of watching Survivor anymore? The premercial already showed us who will win!

The premercial shows two contestants getting into a catfight! I can't wait for the next segment!

Why does Iron Chef America always have a 5-minute premercial recapping what just happened? Do they think we already forgot what happened 10 minutes ago?
by Jody M August 29, 2007
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The commercial a website injects before it takes you the page you had asked for.
Clicking on the premercial will open a new window.
by Tantrik Yogi July 13, 2004
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