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adjective: doing something or wearing something before it becomes super trendy and over used
I had blublockers before The Hangover.

You're sooo prehipstoric
by oooooooooooooooolivia January 15, 2011
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Origin of the hipster movement.

A single or multiple person singularity, typically involving music, that has aided in a "cuffed bottom skinny jeans" attitude. As much a state of mind as a common noun.
"Dude, you think that's dank, you should hear what Belle & Sebastian lay down back in the day. That was pre-Hipstoric, no doubt."
by MrBrown.G December 16, 2016
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From the time before hipsters; alternatively, relating to the hipsters of pre-historic times.
"The pre-hipstoric man was into the ice age before it was cool."
"I used to listen to records, in the pre-hipstoric days."
by DarkAllie6 July 27, 2012
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