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Adjective. An evolved quality of showing thoughtfulness towards someone you care about by anticipating their future needs and proactively providing for those needs. Being merely “considerate” can include holding the door open for a stranger, passing the salt, cleaning up after yourself so the next person can use the table, helping an old lady crossing the street you are also crossing. Being “preconsiderate” can include packing a gift of sunscreen, maps, or an umbrella; setting up a college fund; giving a reservation to a spa, fine dinner, or concert.
Guy: What's wrong? I'm romantic? You don't make any sense.
Girl: You are more of a roommate than a boyfriend. Why can't you be more preconsiderate? I do everything around here, for us.

Girl: What unusual things did you bring in your backpack?
Guy: Bear repellant, your allergy meds, condoms, satellite phone, and directions to the hot springs.
Girl: That was very preconsiderate, even for you!

Wife: Why is there plastic sheeting and baby oil in the living room?
Husband: You seemed stressed out, and those are the things we always forget when you call the neighbors over for an orgy.
Wife: Ha! I don't know if you are being preconsiderate or delirious!
by UGiveUp2 July 24, 2018
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