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The act of buying useless crap in the month of November for no apparent reason other than to waste your hard-earned money, only to realize in December that this dusty, tossed-aside item would make the perfect Christmas gift for a lackluster person at the bottom of your Christmas list.
To Self, sometime in mid-November: "why did i buy this can of Vienna sausages? I don't even like Vienna sausages! Oh well..."

To Self, late December: "Oh Crap! I forgot to buy Uncle Carl a gift! Oh hey, what's this on the shelf - a can of Vienna sausages? I think Uncle Carl likes these...thank god i thought to pre-gift!"
by gadzooks123 November 04, 2008
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A variant of re-gifting where you anticipate that someone will give you an awesome gift that you can give to someone else.
Steve always gives awesome Christmas gifts so whatever he gives me I'm giving to Jason

Dude, did you just pregift ?

AAaaaargggghhhh fuck!
by rob8472 April 21, 2011
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