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pre-equity, is a reactionary theory to the prevailing view point amongst many within society, who maintain that. The value and worth of an individuals life within society, must be determined and thus measured exclusively in accordance with ones economical, materialistic and productive value to society. pre-equity theory, maintains that, If the life of an individual within society, is only to be valued thus limited only to ones materialistic thus economical worth..As opposed to the principle that, life ( All ) life is by essence on its own merits priceless. Then in a materialistic stand point, the value and worth of a persons life within society must be assessed and determined based upon the prodigious sums of resources and time that which has been invested in the raising, nurturing and ultimately educating a single individual from the time of Birth until ones reaching adulthood.

Therefore, ones material value should not be assessed or determined based on any current or immediate monetary or economical standing or repute..But rather, that it should be ascertained and therefore evaluated upon a pre-equitable standing, thus established in a pass tense which was achieved over a long period of time.
Marks value and worth to society, can be determined based on the pre-equity value of all material and monetary costs that which was invested in his raising, nurturing and educating from the time of his birth to adulthood.
by Darius Radmanesh September 07, 2016
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