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A fake relationship between two well known celebrities to gain media attention.

A.K.A. whatever bullshit is going on with Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde right now.
person 1: hey, did you hear harry styles is dating olivia wilde?! OMG THEY ARE SO CUTE!!
person 2: are you serious? that pr stunt is more fake than haylor. she is still wearing her wedding ring in the pictures that surfaced of them. those HD pictures literally came from a private venue. why tf do their managers want to ruin harry and olivia’s reputation ffs, they deserve better.
by Flora LeMay January 7, 2021
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In which celebrities management set up a public relationship pr for the fans to believe (usually to distract from something else going on with the celebrity)
Someone: "So did you hear that Louis Tomlinson is dating the girl he got pregnant

Larries/Directioners: "No. It's a pr stunt to hide the relationship Larry.
by oii-oii December 12, 2015
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