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A long-drawn corporate presentation full of jargon and acronyms that doesn't make any point.
Dave - Damn, I dozed off in the middle of the presentation, What'd I miss?

Matt - Nothing much, it was pretty much powerpointless.
by evil0verl0rd October 23, 2009
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1) (adj.) A digital presentation that serves no purpose other than inflating the already-bloated ego of someone "in charge."

2) (adj.) When someone goes overboard with Powerpoint animations and transitions. In extreme cases, it can get to the point where it takes the computer over a minute to render everything. This is often the result of someone having too much free time.

3) (adj.) A digital presentation that has no content other than words, which the presenter reads directly from. It's comparable to a movie where all you see is the actor's script.
Sorry I'm late. Middle management tied us down at the office by some powerpointless presentation.

Wow, every single letter in that slide has its own animation. Look how long it's taking for a single sentence to appear! So powerpointless.

Why would you take the time to set up a fancy presentation if it just acts as a script for the presenter? That's pretty powerpointless.
by Maxpm September 02, 2010
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