- To unintentionaly break a car window with your ass leding to and or resultiong in replacing of said glass.

Did you see those kids driving by blasting vengaboys? That kid just power assed the windshield!
by Dan Mack April 13, 2007
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Any living creature whose ignorance exceeds mortal bounds, also, it works nicely if they have rockets taped to their back.

Nails work too.
Mr. President, I think youre a rocket powered ass cunt.
by Alexander Clark May 23, 2008
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When all employees are at work
We're going to get this office caught up because I have ass power.
by asspower March 12, 2012
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a saying for describing an ass so powerful, it can make shits that make small children’s eyes water.
“god, jean, your powerful ass just stank up this room.”
by ally2kate December 15, 2019
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