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The real power ranger generations is people born from the mid 1980's, to the early 1990's. When the power rangers first came out (1993), the bulk of the audience was about 5-10 yrs old. That would make them born in 1983 and later. The person above is an idiot since in 1993, his "generation" would be 2yrs old or not even born. Power rangers existed before all the stupid lightspeed, galaxy and whatever else. Mighty Morphin my friend, is the real deal. It was this generation (or more, their parents) who bought the merchandise, bought the toys loved the show.. and basically made Power Rangers what it was.
When I was 8, the Mighty Morphin power rangers came out and was a great show. I haven't followed it since I was about 12, but people around my age group remember asking their parents to buy all the merchandise. The kids born in the 1980's-1990's made the Power Rangers. We are the power ranger generation.
by justsettingtherecordstraight October 04, 2006
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The power ranger generation are the kids born between 1991-1996.

For the most part, these kids watched power-rangers, the predominant kids show of the day. Since they completely missed masters of the universe, and few would familiarise with thundercats, the most they knew of other generations was the slightly inimaginative teenage mutant ninja turtles. Being extremely dull, and without a general sense of direction, power rangers just filled the viewers' minds with gratuitous fighting scenes, stupid ideas and an overall air of unfulfilment. Lacking the morality that the masters of the universe generation and tundercats generation learned, these kids will just become dull and unanimated like the teletubby generation. They will not be able to think for themselves.
The power ranger generation are just entering their teens.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 21, 2004
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