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That ring of unshaved hair that clings to a balding man’s pate. Worn by real men who don't want to try hiding their baldness by shaving it all off. The hairstyle of people in charge.

Ed Harris is probably the best example of this haircut and he's pretty damn badass.
Fuck Headblades, I rock the power donut free and proud!
by CaptStubing January 11, 2011
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An effeminate male who is a bottom in a homosexual sexual relationship. Can be applied to a straight effeminate male who likes being penetrated anally, but rarely used as such. Comes from the combination of the terms "bumping donuts" and "power bottom". A power bottom is someone who loves being a bottom. Bumping donuts comes from a sarcastic response to two effeminate guys getting together with the assumption that they are both pure bottoms.. "What are they going to do -- bump donuts?" The implication being that sex isn't possible between two bottoms.
I think he's exactly your type; you're a macho top and hes a power donut.
by PlumberOD January 08, 2007
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