A term for the last finishing drinker or drinkers as it can be a collective, As you are waiting for the last person(s) to drink up: 'come on povey, drink up'

Has been adapted to also include anything that is slow, particaularly slow drivers, queues and bands that take ages to come on stage.

Slow Rover drivers can also be called "Povers", derived from a mix of povey and Rover.
"Stop being a povey and drink up"
"Come on povey!"
"Grrr, this guy is being such a povey"
by '74 '75 June 27, 2006
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Description of a pov; someone who has bad taste, hygeine and is unconforming to many unspoken rules, and never makes an effort to impress or show off, similar to, but not the same as, a chav.
Fix those curtains, it looks Povey
by VJ Ganesh January 02, 2011
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