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to engage in intercouse with a fast paced/slamming type of thrusting fuck down. to have sex in a non-compasionate manner. can be done in many positions, preferably by this author in "doggystyle" position. term derived from example of "banging" a chick, banging and pounding are similar types of actions. and then guts, well guts of course can be vaginal intercourse or anal intercourse. either way you are getting "guts"
an excited young man at a party who has a good chance of getting laid and is excited by the fact that he may indeed may be getting laid may something to his buddy to the affect of "damn homie, if i disapeer for a while its because im going to go pound guts on this fine ass little slut."

A girl may say to her friend if attracted to a male, "i want that guy to pound my guts tonight, im hornier than hell".

can be used in post/current/pretense forms as well. pounded guts, pounding guts, pound guts.
by Mudgett July 17, 2008
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