Pouchon is an kreyol slang (from Haiti), which means Cute Guy. A pouchonne is a Cute Girl. Actually, pouchon is a merge of Cute/Sexy in a "gangsta" way.
It's pronounced in french, like "pooshon" and not "putchon".
Wow this guy is so pouchon and this girl is so pouchonne.
by kaeonthibe October 14, 2007
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Word in kreyol (haitian language) used to describe a man as being handsome/beautiful. would be the feminine equivalent meaning beautiful woman.
Gade pouchonne nan kap mache lòtbò lari a.
by douztrankat1234 April 10, 2020
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The Pouchon ConneXion (PC) is a gang created in 2005 in Montréal North's ghetto. Them members are crazy.
Rich Boy
Crazy Lebz


This Gang is Takin Over New York City...
-Wow c'est les gars de la Pouchon ConneXion!
-MoMo est tellement beau!
-P What ?
-Mo 2 ...
-Flo t degeulass
-Ohh! Pure C
-Same Old Same Old ! ! ! ! Ft Pc
-Miami 305 Pc ...
-Dali Wagwan
-Les HP ( Homme Parfait )
-Magnum Trojan ! ! ! ! Maxxx is Pc
-Pouchon ConneXion
-Ran Poum PC
-Flow Motion - PC ft Bone Thugz
-J.I.M.M.Y (Jah Is Mo Mo Yaw)
by New York Violence Help May 05, 2007
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