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potplant; also known as the cannabis plant. the phrase 'potplant' derives from the fact that parts of the plant are used to make 'pot', and the plant refers to the fact it is a plant.
'Nanna, would you like me to water this --- what is it?'
'Next to the petunias? Its just an ordinary potplant, dear.'
by fine_dine_decca August 11, 2009
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potplants: a place NOT to throw up in when in a drunkerly state. (especially not ones that belong to your mother)
hey im so incredibly pissed, lets throw up in these potplants""no dude, they are my mum's potplants
by mcghinch April 20, 2011
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A fascinating object, often mixed up with an illegal substance. People with unatural relationships with these plants are call "dehctrophaeiliachs"

these un-natural relationships are similiar to that of the one between steve and a certain preist that will not be named
"what a lovely pot plant"
"dude, is that pot plant talking"
by brother to gf of stoner March 30, 2005
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