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When you let out such a relieving, loud, or satisfying fart that you get depressed when its finally over.
Joe got a bad case of postfartum depression after he perfectly replicated a trumpet with his ass.
by P-scrizzle December 17, 2015
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Remorse following the act of flatulating. Cause can be various. E.g., one tries to flatulate but soils one's underwear as well (see shart); one's flatus turns out to have an unexpectedly unpleasant quality (usually strength or abundance); (most common) an attractive person approaches after one has flatulated, leading to panic and lost opportunities for flirtation and/or sex.
The boys had fun horsing around in the car on the freeway until one of them sharted. There was nowhere to stop. Their laughter died out and postfartum depression kicked in.
by The Glandsman's Apprentice January 14, 2008
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The feeling of remorse, disgust, or overall awkwardness that comes over an individual or group after someone farts, usually used when the flatulence has ruined the mood or flow.
The night was going great until Micky farted and everyone got postfartum depression.
by DEER0123 October 21, 2010
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The sense of let down after your cat, dog, or spouse does not recognize your fart with as much enthusiasm as you were feeling it deserved.
I was suffering from post fartum depression when Whiskers only lazily looked up and closed her eyes.
by Ae5Ea8 February 03, 2015
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When you fart really loud and good and you get depressed after it's over, (as defined by the show "Practical Jokers" on TruTV, Season 1, Episode 42)
I just had the most epic fart and now I have Post-Fartum Depression.
by Nunya Bid Ness November 20, 2018
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