When you're giving her anal, and nut in her asshole. But when you pulled your dick out the nut crawled via the pussy making you a father.
John Queer: bro do you hear about Will yum, he put it in shultiez butt creatong post anal drip.
Ryan Nag: yeah bro, heard he tried killing himsef on a few occasions
by The tip of my nut sack November 21, 2016
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what you get when attempting to fart, but you end up with a hershey squirt coming out instead.
i got a bad feeling that there is some post anal drip in my underwear after that last fart i let out!
by Richard Fromage May 19, 2004
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Just when you though you had a nice dry fart.........you end up with a poopy surprise in your shorts
I thought that was gonna be a dry fart.....I have post anal drip
by Bluemonkey May 24, 2014
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