a group of individuals with a positive outlook, whose main ideals are all fun and no fights. typically found among the straight edge.
all those kids that came here to support and have fun were all about positive youth.
by boof July 6, 2004
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They are the assholes in the "scene" who make everything political, they are the crazy preaching anarchists, the people who sit on street corners picketing {insert random cause here}, they judge everyone who doesn't think EXACTLY like they do, a few years ago one would go to a show and see a bunch of happy people drinking beers as one group, rebelling against laws which we all knew sucked, now all you see is people huddled in groups talking about either how punk they are because they bought a punk book or have a few patches, or they are bitching about the other groups because they aren't "punk enough", its a growing trend that seems to be going hand in hand with the straightedge movement and its really sad especially because the majority of the people in it don't understand what anarchy is, as they return to their family estates, they are also the people who take offense in mosh pits and have recently taken it upon themselves to outlaw them at shows, when you see a "workshop" posted on your hometown's punk event boards, its the positive youth
Person 1: Yo I just got yelled at for drinking a beer!

Person 2: No way, this is a punk show, nobody gives a fuck...

Positive Kid: Yo guys that's really not cool, you're wrecking the positive attitude of the group here. It's people like you that make it so we can't change the world for the better. Respect the space.

Person 1: These new positive youth kids suck...what is he like 14?!
by AzraelPunxxx March 1, 2010
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