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The belief that certain human ethnicities posses differing traits; ideas which lead to the understanding of cultural and physical differences in humans without adverse racial or ethnic discrimination
The Theory of Evolution requires either bigotry or positive racism,and cultural exhibitions are filled with positive racism.
by johncatholic December 01, 2014
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The act of giving groups of people who are/were considered ethnic minorities an advantage over other races in a society.
1) In schools, teachers are often pressurised to be in support of the Muslim parents when there's two families involved in an argument, in fear of being targeted as 'racist'. Even though your religion is not your race. This is positive racism.

2) Black people, and people who like to consider themselves as black to fit in and get that advantage, can call a white person "White-boy" or "White trash" with little to no consequences. However, if a white person is racist to a black person, the police are often involved and it's posted all over the internet. This is positive racism.

3) Muslim woman: "Ew don't touch me you racist white pig!"

White man: "I didn't lay a finger on you, I'm trying to get through that door you're blocking."

Muslim woman: "What you calling me fat now? You racist, sexist, sizeist WHITE PIG!"

White man: "Ma'am, please stop shouting and just get out of my way."

Muslim woman: "Oh, wulahi, alqamamat bayda' ghabia! I'm phoning the police!"

White man: "Oh just get the fuck out of my way."


Nothing comes out of this. However, if the races were switched – would the consequences change? Absolutely. The white man would never see the end of it. Once again, this is an advantage for the Muslim woman – it is positive racism.
by XD bf1 4 life May 01, 2017
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