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Portuguese men are the strongest and most sexually pleasing. They work hard all day so when they get home to their wives and girls, they expect you to get on your knees and fucking suck off their massive cock. Because Portuguese men have such massive cocks that it’s physically exhausting for them to jack off themselves. So you get on your knees and try to fit it in your mouth. Then let him fuck you in the ass while in the shower, because he’s leaving soon to go work again!
Daniel: im home
Jenna: oh my love your home!
Daniel: ya ya bitch, just suck me off while I eat and let me fuck your vagina in the shower, then get the fuck away cause im going to work, then with the guys to go fuck some sluts we find on the road.
Jenna: right away my Portuguese man, fuck me good, you deserve it!
by Juanxxx May 19, 2008
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