A term referring to nerds asking for ports of video-games to their chosen hardware platform
Why are pink hermits always port-begging?
by xiof December 07, 2016
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"Port-begging" is a term within the video game community that describes the act of requesting for a certain video game to be ported to another platform outside of the one it is currently available for.

Porting is the act of converting a video game that was designed to run on one specific platform, to run on another platform(s).

In most cases, this is usually an honest and innocent request from fans who own a particular gaming platform to have a game they fancy be brought over to their platform so that they and others may enjoy it. However, it may start to become annoying once they start displaying signs of desperation and/or whininess.

There have been some instances where port-begging actually resulted in success, the biggest example being Dark Souls. Members of the PC gaming community started an online petition to Bandai Namco, publisher of Dark Souls, to release the game for the PC. Their voices were heard, and to the PC the game went.
Man, don't you just hate it when people port-beg? Why don't they just shut up about it and just enjoy the games they have available to them...

I dunno man, Dark Souls got brought to the PC largely thanks to the port-begging. And look how popular it got. Besides, what's wrong with people asking for a game they're interested in be brought to their favorite platform? That way, more people get to enjoy a game.

That's not the part I have a problem with.It's when they get desperate and belligerent that it starts bothering me. It's unbecoming.
by DeeeFoo December 07, 2016
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