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The thrusting of one's tongue in a matter not unlike what can be seen in typical pornography. The tongue is stiffened and is used quite excessively and with no rhyme or reason. Sometimes the head of the giver may move back and forth or up and down to accentuate the "passion." Rarer still is the little-known but not completely unseen circular pivot. Generally the person providing is extremely into the act, while the receiver is absolutely disgusted.

There are some cases in which a person who is an otherwise excellent kisser will get too caught up in the moment during sex and suddenly slip their partner the porntongue. This just plain sucks.
"Man, she slipped me the porntongue yesterday and I malfunctioned."

"Listen John, your porntongue is disgusting and I am leaving you."
by Me I am here lol! November 08, 2008
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