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Grindcore characterized by sexual themes, vocals that range from pitchshifted growls to absurdly high-pitched screams, and groove-based riffing. Due to pornogrind's often misogynistic and homophobic imagery, many fans of political grindcore detest the subgenre.
Porngrind bands include GUT, Blood Duster and early Cock and Ball Torture.
by conius October 31, 2007
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The arduous task of looking for decent porno to whack it to because you have already seen everything decent on the porn sites you regularly visit. Those most likely to have to do the porn grind are those who are picky about what they orgasm to.
It took me 45 mins. to find something decent to whack off to because my porn sites don't update fast enough. Still, the porn grind is worth it.
by Jaluoo June 25, 2009
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