A blog about porn. What did you expect? Go fuck yourself. Oh wait, you just did that yesterday. Pffft. When are you going to wake up and get a physical girlfriend instead of jacking off to Urban Dictionary definitions?!?! You have a life. Now, take control over it.
Urban Dictionary is like a super-massive star except that it's a super-massive pornblog. When too much iron forms, the rate of nuclear fusion in UD will slow down to a point where the outward pressure exerted by the fusion is insufficient to counteract the massive weight of the blog, resulting in a long-drawn-out collapse, leading to the formation of a black hole which will suck in everything within a few light-years. Then, its going to emit Hawking Radiation, leading to the resurrection of Steven Hawking, who will have newfound tractor beams coming from his eyes which he will use to control and subjugate his loyal servents. All hail Steven Hawking, future tyrant of the human race.
by Bad C dev February 27, 2021
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