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The pleasure a non-Muslim gets from eating any type of pork - particularly bacon - when living in countries that specifically ban pig and all of its products.
Person 1: Oh man, Fred just flew back from the States and brought a shit load of pork. I totally made myself a bacon sandwich and had a porkgasm.
Person 2: That is the life.
by 62474 November 10, 2009
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Sensation gained from a delicious piece of pork. If you eat an especially tasty piece of bacon, it is likely you will reach porkgasm.
O shit, I think I'm having a porkgasm.
by Botany April 19, 2009
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This moment of culinary ecstasy accompanies the first taste-tasting of properly prepared pork ribs. This unique physiological response only occurs in the immediate vicinity of the grilling surface used in preparing the ribs, and is only ever experienced by the Grill Master and 1st Grillmate. Also, bottled carbonated hop and malt based beverages, from containers which have caps that do not twist off, are often covariate.
Oh, I just had a Porkgasm.
by pwank September 02, 2010
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