The most popular girls of them are (using popular as the stereotype, not the real sense of the word) the ones that are NOT popular at all. These are the girls who make fun of the tip top of the popular scale, so everyone likes them. These are the girls that pretend to be failing every class but really they are genius who get into class rooms with hot football players. These are the girls that pretend to be dorky but they are georgeous, so it’s like a brain fuck effect. Who likes the main coach of the football team? No one. But every one loves the runner up ( but just as perfect and rich) co –captain. They suck because when you accuse them of being popular or stuck up they say they are not… and often evidence to prove the fact that everyone loves them is easy to find but they back that up with “I’m nice and these 3 people *fill in names* hate me. Duh” then they’ll continue to go out to not so cool places just to make themselves look that cooler. Bitches.
I’m not popular girl 1: I love good will. I’m such a dork
I’m not popular girl 2: o my gowd you’re so dumb. Lets go work out so we’ll be hot outcasts
by Dahnyehle the great June 25, 2005
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fucking hott girls that everyone wants to fuck but they know they can never get them. every girl wants to be them so they act like they hate them when theyre actually jealous.
dude that girl is so fucking hott, no wonder she's one of the popular girls
by whoaaalex February 12, 2009
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A hoe that is always with the other popular bitches she's not a Virgin she has had 10 iPhones this year she is rich anorexic and a slut.
Hey the populars are dieting again and did you hear that she got caught doing all the boys and all she got was a warning so pretty much popular girls are hated by few even though they shouldn't be.
by Da chick February 04, 2015
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a loved girl who everyone loves and who is the hottest, coolest girl in school.
every guy wants to date her and all girls jealous her and want to be her.
slim + tall + blonde + rich + preppy + conceited = popular girl byotch
by coldcute May 27, 2006
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Similar to prep. They have a lot of friends, and everyone (or at least most people) knows them. Luckily, they are not as mad and snotty as preps are. Most of them are very nice.

Typical Wardrobe - Same as everyone else: Abercrombie, Hollister, AE, and Aero. They also sometimes shop at other stores, like Wet Seal or H&M.
Omigod, here come the popular girls, surrounded by people.
by Hillary! January 03, 2007
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Popular girls get popular because of other little nerds that talk about them all the time. They're not always mean but they eventually become mean just because other people gossip about them. They hang out with the cutest guys in school, have the hottest clothes, and are the prettiest most of the time. They're not as bad as everyone says they're actually prety nice. Stop hating popular girls just because they are wayyyyy better than you jerks!
Geeky Girl 1: Omg shes sooo stuck up!
Geeky Girl 2: I know, right? Like I heard that she says that she's a model and I've seen her in a couple of ads but like still..its not that big of a deal..
In reality these nerds know nothing about the popular girls even though they pretend they do..
by Popular Girl April 20, 2008
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1. girls who usually get gang banged by 10 black guys.

2. rich white jewish girlz with everything they ever wanted

3. what you're not
1. the gurls you see walking with a limp

2. the girls from lower merion high school

3. well everybody else execpt you and you and you
by Bearded Abe March 06, 2005
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