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Pope John XXIII Regional H.S. is a Catholic prep school located in Sparta, New Jersey (Diocese of Patterson). The school places a huge emphasis on college exams, honors classes and sports, especially football. The student body is preppy, conservative and yes, a bit stuck-up. It helps to be a jock and/or have an Irish surname.
"Are you one of those rich fuckers who goes to Pope John High School?" "Yes, but at least I can spell!"
by GoLions October 02, 2006
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A high school for a bunch of rich snobs that think they're superior because they go to a school that is private.
PJ Student: I go to a school that is private, I'm way smarter than those Jefferson students.

JTHS Student: Everyone thinks Pope John highschool students are fags.
by Jared627 August 17, 2014
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Pope John High School is a private school in Sparta filled with a bunch of rich fuckers and the only reason theyre good at sports is becasue they have to recruite there players from other towns
by Stew-o September 25, 2006
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A school with some bad habits in sparta NJ. i go to this school. think what you will but something is really wrong with the school.i think multiple things are wrong.

So thumbs up or down you decide and spread the word at school that someone is speaking against the policy and a movment is starting. if you agree (going to pull a V for Vendetta move here) join me and post papers up at school. (in or out) against w/e you think is wrong. watch out for the cameras. post a response and copy the previous paragraph and paste it in your defenition.
Rebel, Revolt, Speak, Shout, look, listen, notice, know, NOW.
against pope john high school.
by notice_the_truth December 07, 2006
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