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A talentless, cookie-cutter product of the music industry that has changed form over the years, but right now in 2004 generally consists of:

1) A Jamaican-sounding guy singing in broken English and making little if any sense
2) Any girl with a half-decent voice, usually singing about dancing in the club or something equally overused and pointless

Apparently some people in America actually like this kind of music and have the impressive self-restraint to avoid changing the station when such a group is on the radio. I have yet to meet such a person, but I'd guess that middle schools all over the country are full of them.
See Sean Paul featuring whoever, Black-Eyed Peas, Shaggy featuring whoever, or any of the 200 other no-name spinoffs.

Typical song:

Jamaican guy:
"Shake yo booty mama
Shake shake yo booty
I like to see you shake it
Shake yo booty shake it"

"I'm in the club dancing on a Friday night
I'm hangin with my peeps and I feel all right"

And so on...
The above song would probably crack the top 10 on the pop charts if I were to expand the lyrics and produce it. Sad, isn't it?
by Nick D August 16, 2004
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Music that has no quality, basically.
I was going down the street, without a care on my mind. All up in my own design... Again this song I just made up, will hit the top of the charts in 3 days. You'll see.
by Not Zane September 18, 2004
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