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verb/adj.; The act or process of dispelling only poosh from ones thoughts and the proccess thereof pertaining to the process of racial "profiling".
Dylan said he thinks black people are inferior to the Arian brotherhood; (Therein being an act of pooshany) Whereas in that sense, so are Abbie's (Jewish male),ABCD's("American-Born Confused Desi" White Homosexual South African's), Abo's (Australians),Apple's('Native' American), Camel Jockey's(sand ngger), Chink's,
Eskimo's, Flip's, Haji (What we in the Army call a sand nigger)Roundeye's (That one Asian guy that doesnt have slanted eyes you know at work in the IT department), Snowback's (Fucking Canadian Immigrants)
by Aleksiev Antonov March 10, 2008
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