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1. (n) An exclamatory term used to used to express discontent or anger.

2. (v) To slap one in the face with fecal matter.
Tom: You have AIDS.
Jim: Poopslap!
by Nugd00der February 06, 2011
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When you take a shit and it is so long that it bottoms out the bowl and falls over, causing a slapping noise on the water.
Damn! Did you hear that massive poopslap?
by truckman1966 January 16, 2009
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A fantasy weapon in any call of duty. It is a bag of steamy hot shit that just came out of my asshole and you can run around hitting ppl with it. It would be classifyd as a secondary.
You just got poop slapped.
by Bigdikv6 August 07, 2017
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