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What someone may call you when it is obvious you have just tossed a salad or given a rimjob.
Ew! You're a poopchin, go wash your face!
by High on Life October 13, 2008
to trick foreigners into thinking that your teaching them real words when you arent
lets poopchin this mexican! heheheheh
by hamedo April 01, 2007
Noun, descriptive.

1. Commonly used as an insult, describing someone in a negative manner.

2. Also can be used as a term of affection

3. Often used as a meaningless yet highly effective name.

4. One with poop or mock-poop smeared on their chin.
1. "Why must Katie be so stupid? She's definitely been a poopchin lately."

2. "Kaitlin, I absolutely love your outfit, you poopchin."

3. "This picture brings out your poopchin."

4. "When we had a chocolate fondue party, Nick put some on his face and looked like a total poopchin."
by poopchin January 21, 2007
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