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The kind of fart that lets you as well as others that you need to poop.
Dude your ass just sent out the poopagram, you need to get to a bathroom quick
by akathestickybandits February 15, 2010
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A package of poop sent via mail or delivery as a symbol of spite or hatred. A box or envelope containing human feces sent as a means of showing discord or seeking revenge for an ill act.
Bob: What is that odor coming from your package? Jim: My ex-girlfriend sent me a poop-a-gram because I dumped her for her best friend. Bob: That is not cool. Jim: I guess I deserved it.
by recruiterpoet September 04, 2016
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When you send a picture or message via text to another while using the restroom. Title must read... Poopagram!!!
"Every time my husband goes to the restroom he sends me a photo from our last vacation. It's always titled Poopagram!"
by Will000aim June 26, 2013
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