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(n.)- A diagram illustrating how people in a certain institution (especially a school or small college) are all connected with an interconnecting web of who's hugged/kissed/dated/made out/made love/had buttsex/etc. with who. In order to be included in a poop circle, you must have had more than one of the kinds of the relations listed (and having them with the same person doesn't count). The resulting picture, if done correctly, looks like crap, but is very revealing.
Guy #1: "Hey man, I drew a poop circle that has all of the girls in our grade! Look at Kesha there."

(points to the symbol "KS" in the drawing and all of its branches)

Guy #2: "Whoa, she was in a threesome? AND she did it with that nerd Steve Urkel? Oh, she's loose; I'll ask her to prom!"
by Anonymous Red Pen December 03, 2011
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Noun. A process involving two or more people, ideally three, where the first person superglues (optional) his or her mouth to the second person's butthole, the second person superglues his mouth to the third person's butthole, and the third person superglues his mouth to the first person's butthole, and they just keep pooping in each other's mouths in a circle as a symbol of the participnats' bond of love for each other.
"Hey, you guys wanna make a Poop Circle?"
by sdfasdfa July 06, 2006
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The steps a dog makes when looking for the perfect poop spot. Usually starting with a circle slightly larger than its own body size, a dog will circle 'round and 'round finally just keeping his front feet planted and hopping with his back.
Observer #1: Is Fido taking care of his business yet?

Observer #2: He's just finishing up his poop circle. He'll probably bark to be let in in the next 2 minutes."
by calicoblonde August 07, 2009
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