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Poop tease, see also pooptease

1. When someone poops on your chest and doesn't have the common courtesy to either a. have poopy sex with you, or b. let you do it back.

2. When you think that you need to shit really, really, really bad. Like you're going to created the biggest turd log in the history of the world and it turns out to be a fart or more dissapointingly a nugget.

3. When you are going out to a bar, club, concert, party, whatever and think it's gonna be a blasty blast but it turns out to suck.

1. "That broad was a total poop tease, she dropped a cleveland steamer on my chest and bailed."

2. "My asshole hella poop teased me last night, i didnt even hafta wipe."

3. "Seeing Black Sabbath during Ozzfest was a total poop tease."
by ultimate poop tease sweeney March 26, 2007
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When you go into the bathroom to take a poop, but only gas is emitted.
Probably the inspiration for the poem:
Here I sit broken hearted
Came to shit and only farted.

I went to the bathroom to shit, but it was just a poop tease.
by poodlewhacker July 15, 2009
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