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An anatomical concept where all areas of a Vagina, here colloquially refered to as 'Poon' are visible from any point outside the Bitches' body. Also refers to a very special lady owned by pimp Slavoj Zizek, who allows Zizek unobstructed views of her fit, fit body, without other Philosophers becoming aware that Zizek wins more drinking contests and beds more birds than any of his peers. Poonopticon could be used in a metaphorical sense as vulnerable, revealing, voyeur, or in general to describe watching someone repeatedly having perfect sex with models.

Slavoj Zizek can clap with one hand, but that's really beside the point.
paulvanm (9:59:19 PM): i want to start a brothel called the poonopticon
by xxx_zizekfan69_xxx August 29, 2006
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