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When someone pisses you off so badly that you just want to yell at them
"That person just cut me off, what a fucking poonfuck."

"Josh never texted me back.. That poonfuck."

"Stop crying like a fucking poonfuck."
by bothsidesnow November 24, 2008
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Any person, usually male, who is perceived as wimpy or unmanly. Used when referring to toughness, bravery, or simply breaking the rules. Boys who are whipped by their girlfriends fit under this definition as well. Momma's boys are poonfucks. Poonfuck has nothing to do with one's ability to do something; it is objective to whether or not they will try it.
The Poonfuck did not go jet skiing with his best friends because he would rather spend time with his girlfriend.
by Awaterdawg January 20, 2009
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