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1.noun, a man who is a pussy. often used to as an insult against a weakling. doesn't stand up for himself.

2.noun, another word for a gay guy. For both decriptions one and two, it can be used with fucking to add emphesis.

3.noun, can be used as a unsult to your friends when they kill you on a video game. this form, if playing a game, is not usually taken seriously for its two other meanings.
1. Guy 1: give me your money, bitch!

Guy 2: oh, ok, here (hands it all over).

Guy1: ha! fucking poondango!
2. Friend 1: look at that dude wearing a dress and makeup.

Friend 2: yeah, what a fucking poondango.
3. Friend 1: Ha, take that shit! (throws grenade at friend and kills him)

Friend 2: Poondango!
by gixxerman600 April 15, 2011
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