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A town in MoCo

A town so small, it is encompassed by the school zone of the High School.

Known as the Boondocks, perhaps the only boondocks where the houses go for upwards of close to a million

homocide rate of 1 (though we do have a crackhouse, now!)

Home of the Falcons, a mascot change severely contended by the rednecks who insist on wearing their old indians attire.

Still celebrates Poolesville day, a huge oart of the southern MD campaign trail

When, during Homecoming spirit week, there is a country western day, nothing in the school looks different

A very white school, but home to many racialy confused rich white kids

The football team is finally winning

The floors of the high school are made of asbestos. the ceilings are made of mold, the water of lead.

There is no swimming pool, basement, or calculus light at pville, no matter what Mr. Doherty tells you.

Everybody understands what "Jesus wouldve done his identities" means, as well as "factor factor factor!"

Jack Diamond's kids go to Pville

Home to Markoff's haunted forest, the ninth scariest haunted house in the US, according to AOL
"I was driving past the corn field today-" "which one?"

Nobody else has a clue what the hell a Selby's is

So I was driving through Poolesville today. It took me five minutes.
by LizPip November 02, 2006
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