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The sexual act in which two individuals lie down and engage in sodomy.
Jeremy was totally "poo-spooning" that chick earlier. Probably got dingleberries all over his mushroom spear.


ass-assault, butt-secks, crap-crimping, dooky-diving, erectile-excursion, fecal-fucking, gloryhole-in-one, hemorrhoid-hammering, irrigating-ass, johnson-jamming, korn-hole-killin', log-lodging, mierda-moviendo,

nug-nudging, orifice-obliteration, poop-pummeling,

quarry-quarrel, rim-ramming, shit-shredding and/or stabbing, turd-tickling, urethra-upheaval, vandalizing victor, wood-wammy, fuck x, yo-yoing, "the zoo-zipline"
by Assy Johnson November 03, 2011
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