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The act of a girl checking whatever has just been pulled out of her ass (dildo, cock, fingers, etc) for any poo residue before she places said object into her mouth. Frequently combined with an ATM or A2M.
Dude, it was so cool last night! I pulled my cock from Jill's ass and she didn't even perform a poo check before puting it in her mouth and blowing me!
by Bangboy March 14, 2007
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The business practice of wipping ones rear end after defication with a company check to a vendor. The bacon-stripped check is then mailed casualy to the vendor, usually one who has taken one's credit terms away.
Damn it another vendor has taken our terms away. I'm going to eat a ton of spicy thai food and then send some poo checks out this afternoon.
by krupcakes July 20, 2012
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