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When ones bowels suddenly revolt and overthrow the status quo of unsoiled pants.
Oh man, you better pull over here! I think that shrimp at Cap'n D's was bad and I'm about to have a poo d'etat in my pants.
by m.c. phatback December 18, 2009
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The overthrow of a government, body of authority, or parents through the use of massive amounts of poo.
1. At 4 months of age, Violet staged her first poo d'etat by generating so much fecal matter that her parents had to relinquish control of their authority of her. Henceforward, she became the first self-actualized autonomous infant in history.

2. The president feared that these anti-government rallies would lead to a messy and uncontrollable Poo d'etat.
by Morphevs April 13, 2008
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