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The condition involving the contraction of the herpes simplex virus through a generic red plastic cup; generally associated with the game of beer pong
That guy with the cold sore on his lip just stuck the ball in his mouth during redemption! DONT CATCH PONG LIP
by moistdischarge October 07, 2010
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Acquisition of herpes simplex virus via unprotected beer pong play, since rinsing has a negligible effect on the prevention of HSV transmission. Most often spread by an angry losing party, who upon the last attempt at retaliation - places the ball into their mouth instead of the rinse cup or rubs the ball on their cold sore for "good luck" - then tosses it into one of the cups of the opposing team (who then drinks it and contracts the disease). Can also be massively spread by one person who has HSV, playing the game first, and when 15 teams in a row playing after him/her use the same set of 10 cups to drink from.
- Hey man! How did you get that cold sore?
- Its pong lip, man!

- Man! How did that happen?
- I won the game against that loser, but lost my face to his herpes.


- You want to go to a party tonight?
- Hellz yeah!
- Ok, but make sure you bring your own set of "Solo's" - this party is Pong Lip ridden.
by SecretingCurdledSmegma October 15, 2010
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